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You probably discovered The Financial Wisdom Coloring Book for Kids and parents because you want to prepare your children for the best that life has to offer. That means teaching them how to make, manage and multiply their money wisely.

We’d like to help you with that goal.

After creating Camp Millionaire™ and The Money Game™ for kids and teens, and talking to literally hundred of parents like you, we came to three powerful conclusions about what it takes to raise children into financially responsible adults.

We have to set the best example possible because that’s how humans, and especially your little ones, learn best.
We have to start involving our children in the family money conversation so they know what it means to be a financially responsible adult, and;
We have to start providing ample opportunity for our kids to practice, practice, practice with money while the pain of mistakes isn’t life-threatening and the successes help establish and reinforce great money habits and beliefs while they are young.

These three conclusions led me to the Three Keys to Raising Money Savvy Adults and this report is our gift to you for being the type of parents who truly care about their child’s future. Thanks!

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